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  • History

    President George Thomas Walker’s book, The Building of a University, former Dean of Students, Charles H. McDonald, and the first coed SGA president, Yvonne Lusk Anderson, provided much of the information about the history of ULM’s SGA. 


    The first Student Government Association was established at the former Northeast Junior College (NJC) in 1940. The SGA was the most prestigious of the organizations at NJC where the SGA served as the official student voice and liaison for the students to the President and his administration. Prominent local alumnus, Mrs. Yvonne Lusk Anderson, served NJC as the first woman President of the Student Body in 1945.


    The philosophy of the university presidents has been that he has a responsibility to the students to communicate his vision, the current operations, and the state of the university. SGA in the same way has a responsibility to share with the president issues and concerns which are important to students. Many students put their careers and studies first; however, there are always some who are committed to excellence in the oversight of student fees and the implementation of the vision for the campus, including programming, start-up grants for organizations, banners for campus enhancement, SGA elections, Homecoming, Christmas at ULM, and the annual Mardi Gras Ball. There are those who simply want to make a difference and strive to make things better for students.   Since 1951 and 1952, there have been Committees under the leadership of the SGA presidents who have been involved in the decision making for the campus. Student leaders serve on these committees at the will of the SGA president and his executive leaders.


    The special outcome of this partnership between the administration and the SGA is that there has been substantive interaction between the SGA and the Presidency that is highly beneficial to all of the university family.  In President Walker’s book, the officers of the SGA are listed beginning in 1951-1989 on pages, 92-93.


    During the renaissance of the University, under the leadership of President James E. Cofer, Sr., SGA student leaders led a successful referendum to increase student fees to have better programming for student life and leadership. SGA also led the passing of the referendum for the renovation of the Student Center and the Student Union Building. SGA was instrumental in passing fees to increase the financing of the Water Ski Team which has won twenty-one (21) National Water Ski Championships.


    President Cofer initiated the opportunity for students to hear from national experts on critical issues and concerns that affect our society. This series of speakers and lectures have resulted in the highly touted Presidential Lyceum Series. As a result of the collaboration of the president with the Campus Activities Board and SGA, the following noted persons have come to the ULM campus: Dr. Bill Cosby, Dr. Doris Kearns Goodwin, Mr. Ben Stein, Mr. Robert f. Kennedy, Jr., Mr. Steve Forbes, Mary Matalin and James Carville and upcoming for spring, 2009, noted investigative journalist, Lisa Ling.


    Under President Cofer’s leadership, the following students have served the university as SGA president: 

    Charles Cheatham, 2002-2003; LaTroy Cato, 2004-2005; Kyle Gallman, 2005-2006; Robert J. Carroll, 2006-2007; Brady A. Middleton, 2007-2008; Micah J. Pulliam, 2008-2009; Hannah Livingston, 2009-2010; and D. Brook Sebren, 2010-1011


    According to former Dean Charles H. McDonald, the following leaders made significant contributions to SGA:

    ·         Dean of Students, Ernest Duncan Holloway, 1957-59;

    ·         Dean of Women, Margaret Newman, 1957-1959;

    ·         Dean Fred Vogel, 1959-65;

    ·         Dean of Women, Alma L. Lufcy, 1959-1967;

    ·         Dean of Men, Jack V. Collins, 1961-1970;

    ·         V.P. of Student Affairs,  Herman Sigler, 1965-70, SGA’s Co-Advisor;

    ·         Dean of Women, Martha Madden, 1967-1974;

    ·         Acting Dean 1970-71; Vice-President of Student Affairs, 1971-1974, Colonel A. Taylor;

    ·         Co-Advisor and then SGA Advisor from 1987-2002, Mr. Charles McDonald;

    ·         Co- Advisor with  Mr. Herman Sigler, Dr. B. H. Brantley,  1974;

    ·         Acting Dean of Men, SGA Advisor; 1964-1971; Dean of Students 1974-87; Thomas Murphy;

    ·         Dean Nicolas Lassiter,  1971-1987;

    ·         Dean Charles H. McDonald, 1987-2002; and

    ·         Assistant Dean of Students and SGA Advisor,  Dr. Martha B. Anderson, 2002-2008.



    Past SGA Presidents


    1966/67   Dalton LeBlanc

    1967/68   Steve Huffman

    1968/69   Karl Rodriguez

    1969/70   Dan McKay 


    1970/71   Michael Wainwright

    1971/72   Danny Rhodes

    1972/73   John Hammons

    1973/74   Bruce Wheeler

    1974/75   Bruce Wheeler

    1975/76   Rob Cloud

    1976/77   Rob Leleux

    1977/78   Tim B. Burnham

    1978/79   Alvin Lui

    1979/80   Sam Lorenzo


    1980/81   Kathy Sigler

    1981/82   Dan Johnston

    1982/83   Matt Sanderson

    1983/84   Shawn Murphy

    1984/85   Rick Pettis

    1985/86   David Carter

    1986/87   Todd Newman

    1987/88   Jeff Thompson

    1988/89   Ron Lewis

    1989/90   Jeff DeMent 


    1990/91   Jeff DeMent

    1991/92   Stacy Doyal

    1992/93   Darren Rimmer

    1993/94   Tom Zarro

    1994/95   Tom Zarro

    1995/96   David Rodrigue

    1996/97   Michelle Brown

    1997/98   Mike Reese

    1998/99   Jeremy Muse

    1999/00   Felicite Franklin 


    2000/01   Michael Gray

    2001/02   Michael Gray

    2002/03   Charlie Cheatham

    2003/04   Kayla Haltom

    2004/05   LaTroy Cato

    2005/06   Kyle Gallman

    2006/07   Rob Carroll

    2007/08   Brady Middleton

    2008/09   Micah Pulliam

    2009/10    Hannah Livingston


    2010/11      D. Brook Sebren

    2011/12      Brooke Dugas

    2012/13      Calvin Stafford

    2013/14      Jana Robinson
    2014/15      Adrian LeJeune

    2015/16      Marc Calhoun

    2016/17      Kaitlin Neal

    2017/18      Bryce Bordelon